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Overalls for Summer

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  • Sale -26% Mono pelite bebe Remer Calamaro

    Calamaro Remer baby jumpsuit - Calamaro

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    Giraffe pyrethrum monkey for baby. Beige and green color Very soft muslin type fabric 100% cotton. This monkey brings back memories because it accompanied us our first summer! I love it because it's loose and it's super cool and comfortable.  The front opening is also wonderful for dressing them comfortably. Finished with rubber on the ankles for better grip. It is beige with green prints with jungle motifs. Ideal for afternoons in the park. Made in Spain. Calamaro brand.

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  • Sale -25% Mono Gasa Neiva Gris bebe calamaro

    Calamaro Gray Altea Jumpsuit for Baby - Calamaro

    3 in stock

    Neiva Jumpsuit for baby. Gray. Very soft muslin type fabric. Made in100% Cotton. These jumpsuits are wonderful for summer. They are comfortable and cool and protect your legs from mosquitoes!  I always choose jumpsuits with a front opening to wear them comfortably.  Made in Spain. Brand: Calamaro

    3 in stock



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