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How it all started?


Right at the end of my pregnancy We discovered an exciting world about a different way of parenting. I have always been one to question things. When I was little my favorite word was why?  

We start to question Matteo's upbringing:

We knew that the best place to sleep was next to us protected by the warmth of mommy and daddy. We decided to “get him used to our arms a lot” knowing that Matteo was only looking for comfort and protection when he cried. 

Time passed and we stopped believing in traditional myths... 

This was not about investing a lot of money, but about change focus of the things we bought. And from there all the magic came…  

If you also dream of a different upbringing, We want to encourage you and tell you that it is possible!

If I told you that your baby can do everything you think and more would you believe me?

We were filled with emotion when Matteo, after months, began to communicate with signs.  

He plays freely at home, gets up and down from his bed alone, eats almost alone and learns to wash his hands in the bidet...  

Patience and many cloths have made it possible! 

We believe in increasingly empowered and independent children 

Prepared to be adults connected with their feelings.

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What is our store like?

Do you remember when you were pregnant? 

Full of emotion and you wanted to take the entire store with baby things... 

It happened to me and I bought a beautiful mini duvet that has lived peacefully in the closet all this time. 

Because then I discovered: it is impossible to swaddle a baby! 

You debut as mommy or daddy and you start buying a lot of things with so much enthusiasm... After months you end up using half of them: Some you didn't like, others were uncomfortable and many simply didn't work...  

Therefore, we have done a store with detail including products we have personally tested with our little one.

Marks of clothing and childcare that have worked for us and they have made our routine easier. 

We believe in the tribe that shares those tips that work and, although all the little ones are different, common learning as moms and dads is very valuable.

I remember that we were desperate with the bath routine because Matteo kept standing up... A cousin recommended the first bath chair to us, what a relief! The information was super valuable! 

Thus we have included our experience with the store's products and we would also love to know yours in the product comments: 

A way to help each other.


We bet on beautiful and quality products: tableware resistant, biters insurance, toys that stimulate and attract the attention of the little ones. 

Clothes Beautiful and made with detail, practical for mom and durable. 

Products that can be inherited to brothers and cousins ​​because they are of good quality. It is our contribution to a more sustainable world avoiding disposable products that generate a lot of waste.

We are very excited when we receive these messages from moms that already they are part of our community...


These messages drive us every day 💜


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