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Toys for babies

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  • BUILDING BLOCKS 50 pieces Eco - Construction game

    Roo Crew BUILDING BLOCKS 50 pieces Eco - Construction game

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    Set of building blocks made with recycled materials. The blocks are large and safe for small children. Contains 50 pieces. Age: 2 years and up. Ecological: Made from plant fibers (wood sawdust), recycled plastic and standard resin. Sustainable: ECO Wood 2.0, a material that is more resistant than wood and does not splinter.

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  • Joseph Joseph Go Eat - Lunch Set - Food Set

    Casdon Joseph Joseph Go Eat - Lunch Set - Food Set

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    Create the perfect sandwich and store it in the taper, ready for a picnic or packed lunch Convenient Storage: The GoEat taper is just like the real thing. Safe Chopping The Chopable Tomato uses ChopPop™️ food technology for safe play. Includes: Chop2Pot cutting mat, Elevate knife, GoEat lunch box, play food with bread, tomato, cheese and ham. Age: 2 years and older

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  • Joseph Joseph bake set juguete

    Casdon Joseph Joseph Bake Set - Baking set - Pastry set

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    Fun imitation game to bake a pizza or some cookies together! Perfect for safe and fun family cooking. The utensils are real and work for real cooking. This Pastry Set includes: a large bowl, rotating beater, ergonomic rolling pin, four measuring cups and a dough scraper. Roll, measure and stir: the rotating beater and ergonomic roller have movement and ensure hours of fun!   Age: 3 years and up.

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