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  • The Elf On The Shelf (STORY AND ELF) - BOY

    The Elf On The Shelf (STORY AND ELF) - BOY

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    We finally received Santa's helper elf in our store from the North Pole! The little ones of the world adore this character, who visits homes during the day and delivers reports at night to Santa Claus about the family's Christmas Spirit. This is how Santa Claus knows us and can know what we want for Christmas! Every morning, the Scout Elf is in a different place in the home, creating a delicious game of Christmas hide-and-seek. Watch the children's faces light up as they search for the Scout Elf each morning! Each box comes with one of Santa's Scout Elves and a beautifully illustrated children's book that tells the story of Santa's helpers. Adopt this fun family tradition and embrace the magic of having an Elf Scout in your home the days before Christmas Eve! Adopt an Elf Santa Claus establishes official adoption centers online and in stores around the world so you can adopt the perfect elf for your family. Each gift box comes with a beautiful storybook that explains the tradition and the work the Scout Elf does for Santa Claus. Name it When you give your Elf a name, they receive Christmas Magic that allows them to fly to the North Pole each Night and back. The Scout Elves make your Christmas magical thanks to their direct connection with Santa Claus. Search and find Wake up every morning and race to find the exciting new place where your Elf has landed! Sometimes Scout Elves create unique or fun scenes to add extra joy and laughter to the family's Christmas! What includes? Santa's Scout Elf Story book with cute illustrations Memories box Official adoption certificate What is our Santa Claus Explorer Elf like? · They wear red and white suits · They are always nice · They match the personality of the family · Join families for the Christmas season starting in late November. · They return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to prepare for the coming year (Sometimes Santa Claus gives them permission for a special visit during the year!)

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  • BUILDING BLOCKS 50 pieces Eco - Construction game

    Roo Crew BUILDING BLOCKS 50 pieces Eco - Construction game

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    Set of building blocks made with recycled materials. The blocks are large and safe for small children. Contains 50 pieces. Age: 2 years and up. Ecological: Made from plant fibers (wood sawdust), recycled plastic and standard resin. Sustainable: ECO Wood 2.0, a material that is more resistant than wood and does not splinter.

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  • Joseph Joseph Go Eat - Lunch Set - Food Set

    Casdon Joseph Joseph Go Eat - Lunch Set - Food Set

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    Create the perfect sandwich and store it in the taper, ready for a picnic or packed lunch Convenient Storage: The GoEat taper is just like the real thing. Safe Chopping The Chopable Tomato uses ChopPop™️ food technology for safe play. Includes: Chop2Pot cutting mat, Elevate knife, GoEat lunch box, play food with bread, tomato, cheese and ham. Age: 2 years and older

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  • Joseph Joseph bake set juguete

    Casdon Joseph Joseph Bake Set - Baking set - Pastry set

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    Fun imitation game to bake a pizza or some cookies together! Perfect for safe and fun family cooking. The utensils are real and work for real cooking. This Pastry Set includes: a large bowl, rotating beater, ergonomic rolling pin, four measuring cups and a dough scraper. Roll, measure and stir: the rotating beater and ergonomic roller have movement and ensure hours of fun!   Age: 3 years and up.

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