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¿Tener o no tener un Parto respetado?

To have or not to have a respected Birth?

, by Carolina Isabel Gonzalez Hernandez

I was 36 weeks pregnant when I decided to change hospitals to have a respected birth or humanized birth. I chose the Torrejón de Ardoz Hospital even knowing that we had to drive 25 minutes by car: I did not regret it!!

I always wanted to live the experience of pregnancy but ironically I was very afraid of childbirth, pain, complications, etc. That filled me with a lot of anxiety.

To combat this fear and anxiety, I signed up for a hypnobirthing course 2 months before giving birth. This changed the way I approached the matter and helped me a lot to channel my emotions.

It gave me tools to write my birth plan (my preferences). And my surprise was huge when at the Torrejón Hospital all my wishes were part of his protocol! I had come to the right place! They were going to allow my relaxation anchors and my partner to always be there!

I learned what a respected birth was and to trust the instinct that allows us all to give birth. I learned relaxation techniques and to trust my body. I changed the pain focus to “intensity.” More than painful, childbirth is a very intense process. I was able to know that I had an active role during my birth process, that it was my moment and I was the protagonist (not the doctors).

I identified my anchors and leaned on them during my labor (anchors allow you to relax by activating each of your senses). Being aware that each contraction brought me closer and closer to my baby.

What is a respected childbirth?

A respected birth consists of seeking the least medical intervention and letting the woman's body guide the process wisely. There are key points such as: providing the best environment, living the moment intimately, using relaxation techniques according to your tastes, connecting with your instinct, living the process actively (the woman is the protagonist): childbirth is movement!

Why did I choose a respected delivery?

Because I became convinced (based on scientific evidence) that the natural course of things is the best way to live that instinctive and pure moment. We are the only mammals that insist on giving birth in environments that are counterproductive to our nature. The idea is to respect each woman's time, and involve her in the decisions that she will make in an informed manner.

Is respected childbirth at odds with medicine?

Not at all. The health personnel are there to monitor the evolution of the process, but they intervene only when necessary, always informing you, allowing you to decide and acting in stages.

Would I choose a respected birth again?

Definitely. Even though in my case they finally had to induce me with artificial oxytocin and medication had to intervene. They respected my decisions and my body's timing and informed me at all times.

I was able to use my anchors and relaxation techniques in privacy with my partner. I had the opportunity to put all my effort into moving my body and moving forward very gradually during my labor. Finally, I was able to give birth! And that feeling when my baby came out is one of the most incredible memories I treasure!


Do you have more doubts about respected delivery? Do you dare to try this philosophy?

Share the info and let's create a community!

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A hug!


A hug!



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