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Técnicas de Relajación para un Parto en Calma

Relaxation Techniques for a Calm Childbirth

, by Carolina Isabel Gonzalez Hernandez

At the end of pregnancy, when anxiety can get the better of us and especially during labor, there are certain techniques that can help us relax before giving birth.

Relaxation is crucial in childbirth because it allows the hormones (oxytocin and prolactin) to do their job and labor is triggered and progresses in the most natural and fluid way possible.

These techniques that help us replace fear and anxiety in childbirth with safety and confidence are often known as Hypnobirthing techniques.

What benefits do relaxation techniques have?

- They improve the birth experience.

- They allow labor to flow faster and develop naturally.

- They reduce the need for painkillers and more invasive medical intervention techniques during childbirth.

In the words of Carmen Moreno “Shorter, less painful births and more positive experiences.”

What are these relaxation techniques?

To relax we must look inward: concentrate on ourselves and work on our environment. We seek to generate an environment that relaxes us.

We relax through our 5 senses.

To do this we look for ANCHORS resources or elements that we can perceive with the senses and have an emotional power over us, which connect us with calm and relaxation.

Visual Anchors:

Images or videos that convey calm to us, such as photos of your loved ones, echoes where your baby can be seen, etc. Nature videos if that's your favorite or abstract shapes that can change to the beat of a melody.

When we are in labor at the moment of dilation: it can be tremendously useful to view images or videos that refer to opening, such as how a flower is born and opens.

If you want, I can share with you the YouTube playlist I made for my labor for free. Write down your email here

Relajación visual para el parto

Auditory Anchors:

What sounds help you relax?

This can be very subjective depending on your personality.

Music and the sounds of nature were my great allies. I prepared a playlist that I listened to almost daily while doing my meditations loaded with soft relaxation music, the kind we listen to in yoga classes.

I internalized those songs so much that I continue to use them in moments of stress and they transport me to calm.

If you don't have time to make your own playlist: write down here your email and I'll share mine with you on Spotify.

Relajación para el parto

Olfactory Anchors:

Look for aromas that relax you. Essential oils such as lavender that are associated with relaxation or simply an aroma that inspires calm and tranquility can help you.

During labor, they suggest that you do not put on oils or strong odors because when your baby is placed on your chest, he or she may perceive them (babies have a highly developed sense of smell).

During labor I suggest that you take a cloth or cushion that you can impregnate with the aroma and perceive without placing it on your body.

Anchors through Touch:

Here massages and caresses would come into play to help you relax and give you security. I give you some examples that you can apply: A hug from your partner, placing your hand or both of your hands on your belly to feel the baby, caressing a highly textured rug with your foot or hand.

You can practice a massage or a joint meditation with your partner where they place their hands on your belly, so when you feel the warm hand your body will evoke that feeling of relaxation.

During labor it is tremendously useful to take a hot shower or a massage in the lumbar area; these ideas help reduce the sensation of intensity in the dilation phase.

Although as I have already pointed out, each person is different and there are people who prefer not to be touched during labor.

Relajación en Pareja

Anchors through Taste:

Here I would add flavors that give you pleasure, I am not referring to a whole plate of food, but to those drinks or small bites that can give you pleasure, for example: drinking tea, coffee, a bite of your favorite fruit or eating a chocolate of chocolate.

During labor while you are at home you can eat and drink whatever you want. Once you enter the hospital, certain restrictions may apply, especially if you are given some type of analgesia. I suggest you refer to it when discussing your birth plan with your midwife.


You can work on these anchors during the months of pregnancy, this way when you do them during labor your brain and body will be trained to relax and enter a state of calm.

Lastly, and very importantly, I suggest that you do meditations. There are many available online, some involve hypnosis, these techniques are very useful in my opinion.

If you feel like reading you can continue reading about it respected delivery.

I leave you the link to a meditation that was very useful to me during my pregnancy: Meditation

I wish that each of your senses brings you calm during your pregnancy and on the day of your birth!

If you have any questions leave me a comment I will be happy to read you

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A hug!




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