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Libros para mamis embarazadas

What to read while you are pregnant?

, by Carolina Isabel Gonzalez Hernandez

If you are pregnant and you want to read about this new stage, I want to tell you that it is the perfect time to learn many things while you wait for your baby and appreciate the beautiful and titanic work that your body does.

Pregnancy for me was a perfect time to rediscover reading, and below I share with you those first 4 books that I enjoyed while pregnant:


A year for a lifetime by Mariela Michelena.

This was the first book I read while pregnant and it was an enriching experience. It has a psychological and emotional focus on the future mother and the relationship she will have with her baby, because being pregnant everything seems very intangible. In addition to addressing all the psychological changes and phases that occur during pregnancy, which helps you normalize many of your feelings and sensations. 

It helped me a lot to understand the emotional dependence of the baby and the mother to know that we both need mutual emotional support in this new stage. It also addresses the relationship with father and family. Mariela Michelena is a psychologist and captures part of her experience with pregnant women and young children in this book.

It is a short, easy-to-read book with very interesting content that I really enjoyed in the summer while I was pregnant and still couldn't believe it.


HIPNOPARTO by Carmen Moreno

This book is amazing, I received it as a courtesy from Carmen when I signed up for her hypnobirthing course (Super recommended).

I always wanted to be pregnant, but I was also always afraid of giving birth. I knew that the information would help me live that moment with peace of mind, and I went beyond the childbirth preparation course that the health system provides in Spain. I can tell you it was totally worth it.

This book helped me a lot to approach my birth calmly and dispelled many of my myths. The book explains each of the phases of childbirth, shares stories from other moms and teaches you resources so that (although it may sound incredible) you can handle the moment with calm and inner connection. Additionally, it guides you on how to prepare your birth plan and prepares you to let yourself flow and connect with your nature as a woman who knows how to give birth. 

Finally, it addresses the role of the companion and his role at each moment. The book is accompanied by some super beneficial meditations or relaxations that you can find on the website of Positive Birth. 100% recommended! 


We are the milk from Alba Padró

If you want to breastfeed your baby, this book can help you a lot. 

Giving birth is a purely instinctive act (we all know how to do it), but breastfeeding is a matter of technique. This book is the closest thing to a manual for breastfeeding your baby, debunking all your myths (and the myths of everyone who will give you thousands of “advice”) and understanding how the breast-baby dynamic works. 

It is a very complete book that addresses the stages of breastfeeding as our baby grows, the growth phases, the positions for breastfeeding, how to handle breast milk if you want to make a milk bank, the possible obstacles that may arise (pain, obstructions, mastitis) and until weaning! (Although this same author has an entire book on the weaning phase). 

It is a book to consult and reread when you have any questions because you know that it will guide you and encourage you to continue on your path. Alba is a faithful believer in breastfeeding and her lines greatly encourage you to follow that path if that is what you want, always empowered with the appropriate information!


Kiss Me a lot by Carlos González

In a world with so many prejudices, advice and instructions  When it comes to parenting, this book is super necessary. 

It is a book with a respectful parenting approach: in the words of the author, it is a book written in defense of children and he is right! It aims to help you focus on everyday situations from the perspective of a baby or child, who has just landed in the world, who is still learning and who we sometimes try to demand act like an adult. 

The detail is that we don't understand it until we read Carlos's anecdotes and eureka! This book helps you realize that adults judge children from our perspective, and we forget that we were children (as the little prince would say). 

If you dare to raise your baby with love, free yourself from unsolicited advice and go down this path without you and your baby having to cry tides in your routine, I definitely recommend that you read this book!


Have you read any of these titles and would like to add your comments?

What other books have they recommended to you? 

Share the info and let's create a community!


I read them here or in Facebook/Instagram @LunitasyDuendes


A hug!




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