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Fomentar la lectura en tu peque ¿cuándo empezar?

Encourage reading in your little one, when to start?

, by Carolina Isabel Gonzalez Hernandez

Some parents are interested in introducing our little ones to reading. 

But When can we start?

As soon as you see that your little one pays attention to the colors or drawings I would tell you that it is a good time to start. 

We can come to think that they are not going to understand the book, that they are not going to find out. But if you think about it carefully, you talk to them every day without thinking about whether or not they understand what you say!

Verbalizing in my opinion is super important, it is a very powerful communication instrument. That's why I'm in favor of explaining everything to my little one, telling him what happened and what's coming. I talk to him even if he doesn't respond with words, but this communication thing can be the subject of another post. Let's go back to reading.

Around 6 months, when they begin to look and can sit with support, you can try to show them some books adapted for their age..

They tend to be thick cardboard books, with few but large drawings. Some have animations that may catch their attention and they will end up learning to move the figures themselves or they will hold your finger so that you can give them movement.

The first months will require our presence to pick up the book and turn the pages. Besides We have to be there so they don't end up eating the cardboard. 

Reading the book sitting with the child on your lap is the position that has worked the most for me. 

As the weeks go by you will see that he recognizes the books, points to the figures and gets excited when he sees them.. I consider getting him to focus his attention to be the greatest achievement we can aspire to with this habit and in the future it will help him with concentration. An increasingly difficult task for everyone in this world surrounded by screens and so many other stimuli.

What do you think of this idea?

Share the info and let's create a community!

I read them here or in Facebook/Instagram @LunitasyDuendes

A hug!



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