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¿Cómo hacer un rincón de juegos para tu peque?

How to make a play corner for your little one?

, by Carolina Isabel Gonzalez Hernandez

I wanted to share with you 5 tips to create a Games Corner for your little one for less than 20 euros.

This is how our corner for our 13-month-old little one turned out in a corner of our living room. 


1.- We have taken advantage of the co-sleeping Minicrib to make a SOFA for our baby with some cushions. We removed one of the rails and lowered the mattress as much as possible to make a seat for the short little one. This is ideal when they are already crawling or starting to stand and can get down and up easily.

Minicuna colecho convertida en sofa para niños

Our mini crib is from the DOCO brand and you can find it here. Verify that your mini crib can adapt so you can give it a second life.


2.- We place a RUG for children with a non-slip bottom from IKEA that we found at a very good price and it attracts a lot of attention because it simulates roads. You can see the carpet here.

alfombra de juegos para niños antiresbalante

3.- We have placed a bath basket with suction cups on the gallery glass so I can put some toys there. With this he had been playing for a few months to place the ball.

cesta con ventosa para juguete

4.- We caught one CONTAINER TO ORDER THE TOYS (we used it for laundry). And we are starting to play tidying up before taking a nap so that tidying up is part of the process.

recipiente de plástico para ordenar juguetes

5.- Finally, we glue a CHILD SAFE MIRROR made of plastic to the glass of the gallery so that it can be seen in full body. The mirror comes with adhesives and can be stuck to the wall without problem. The mirror is IKEA and you can find it here. 

espejo seguro de plastico para niños

Our corner is ready! Now we sit down to play with Matteo to enjoy it and make it familiar to him.


One last TIP: alternate toys for your little one every so often saving a part of them.

This way you can appreciate and enjoy them more carefully. Giving them too many toys at the same time distracts them and can overwhelm them. Also for you the disorder will be greater.

You will see that when you alternate the toys they will be as excited as the first time they saw them and will enjoy them more thoroughly.


I hope this information is useful to you and inspires you to create your own corner for your little one. You don't need to invest a lot of money but rather put your imagination into it. In the end they are very easily entertained.

What other things would you place in a children's play area?

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A hug!



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